About us

Micro Express has faithfully been serving customers since 1986 providing top quality computers with outstanding service and prices. Micro Express has a customer base of 100,000 + customers and is committed to the continued satisfaction of its loyal customers.

Impressive awards don't come by accident. Micro Express has followed a strategy of producing the best performing PC's available anywhere, and it supports them better than anyone else.

Some think that every Personal Computer is just like every other one, regardless of manufacturer. This couldn't be further from the truth. Otherwise, everyone would tie when comparative benchmarks are done. Micro Express designs in more performance than most others do. That's why comparative benchmarks nearly always show Micro Express computers on the top. Highly respected magazines such as PC World, Info World, Byte, PC Magazine, PC Computing, Computer Shopper, Windows have picked Micro Express' computers as their editors choice.

Very few Micro Express computers come back for service. This is due to their conservative and efficient design, solid construction, high quality components, extensive testing and a 72-hour burn-in to eliminate early failures.

Micro Express' Product Support is the Best

Micro Express doesn't just say that its PC's last longer. The company backs them up with the best warranties in the business. And, there is a "no questions asked" 30-day money back guarantee on the desktop systems as well. Free technical support for the lifetime of the computer system is also standard.

Micro Express doesn't pretend to offer the lowest prices. But when you look at performance and quality, virtually every survey puts Micro Express at the top of the Performance/Price curve.

Micro Express does not force you to choose from pre-packaged PC systems. It will custom design a system to meet your specifications. The company offers a large variety of high and low-end systems as well as notebook, portable and multi-media PC's. At Micro Express you can have it your way!

Many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies consider Micro Express a safe buy and good value. However, we also sell PCs to thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, who are interested in the highest performance for a fair price. Let us provide you with the best VALUES available. If you care about quality and value, Micro Express is a Big name..and a Safe Buy.

For more information regarding Micro Express, call 1-800-989-9900.